An accessory is not “a plus” or a superfluous object which we can light-heartedly do without.Choosing the right accessory will accentuate your outfit. Do not underestimate its role when you perfect your look in the mirror before leaving the house. By choosing the perfect accessory you will communicate a peculiar and exclusive trait of your personality. You can choose to be unique and let everybody know. Over the years, fashion has widened its horizon: today men also pay attention to their look. Elegance and class are, now more than ever, shared and sought-after values: together, they define the character and way of being of everyone.

Tm Service is partner with the most important accessories manufacturers By relying on Tm Service, you choose our impressive know-how, fruit of decades of history and experience. Tm Service’s leather treatments are tools that help stylists bring out their genius ideas and bring their intuitions to life. Patchwork, piercing, embossing, quilting: these treatments convey personality, style and quality to the leather. Tm Service’s mission is to become a precious ally for its customers, rather than a simple supplier, to achieve goals together and set new, inspiring objectives.